Death Star Cookie Jar

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Check out this Cookie Jar shaped like the Death Star. Available at Star Wars Shop.

11 Responses to "Death Star Cookie Jar"

Sacramento Movers Says:

Best thing I've seen online this week, hands down.

call Pakistan Says:

I've got it for a week now...
It's just fantastic... looks exactly like the "real" thing...

Haty Says:

Ha ha that is so cool. A must for any Star Wars fan.

Dvor Says:

Quite creative, one of several nicer articles I have seen today. Keep up the good work

sonal mahi Says:

Fantastic picture you have posted.

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Used Martin Guitars Says:

So pleased to read some reviews about this amazing cookie jar. Thanks so much for sharing this.

R2 Says:

You must go to the keebler elf. He will teach you in the ways of cookie.

Help me Famous Amos, your my only hope.

Gifts for Him Says:

This is looking as an antique piece! It is good to see such thing on the blog.

Mei Says:


Also you are fairly easy to stalk

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