A Reddit User's Unique Desktop

Sunday, January 30, 2011

This unique desktop, featuring the likeness of the cookie crazed Sesame Street Muppet Cookie Monster belongs to Reddit user theaaronp. It made us smile! =D

8 Responses to "A Reddit User's Unique Desktop"

Nutcracko Says:

I love the cookie monster. Love the desktop!


goonsquad Says:

awesome cokkie moster rocks

1904 Blogger Says:

coookie monnnnstaaaaaaaa!

followin and supporting

Gark Says:

Haha.. lovely!


KyleCS Says:

Cute! People have much more creativity than I do, that's for sure.

Love the blog! Looking forward to future updates!

Escort Solo S2 Says:

You an amazing desktop here. Glad to have come across reading on this post; be back for more readings.

Anonymous Says:

There's a cookie monster ad right underneath this post!

Anonymous Says:

Oh wait....you strategically placed it there!