A Geeky History of Valentines

Monday, February 14, 2011

Alternately revered by romantics as a day to buy win their lovers’ hearts with sappy greeting cards and reviled by cynics (read: single women) as a Hallmark Holiday to stimulate the economy, the true meaning of February 14th is sorely neglected by modern society.
Thankfully the amateur historians at PrettiGeeky are here to remind you of your romantic roots. Here we’ll relay a tangled mishmash of Christian and ancient Roman tales, each as heartfelt as the last, that add up Americans buying over 150 million Valentine’s Day cards every year.
From PrettiGeeky Wordpress blog.

9 Responses to "A Geeky History of Valentines"

RagingPanda Says:

Hell of alot of cards.

dubmixt Says:

Sure am glad I'm single.

donga5000 Says:

that's interesting, I thought hallmark made it up =D

Lost.in.Idaho Says:

Free alternative, find an obscure love poem online, and handwrite a note. Take credit for it. Insta-win.

1904 Blogger Says:

whoa had no idea

ScottD Says:

I had no idea also. I learned something new today.

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Innovations Says:

beautiful cards

PS3 Fnatic Says:

The more you know, right?