5 Geeky Wedding Invitations

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It seems like geeky wedding invitations are all the rage these days. Check out these five invitations that caught our eye.

This invitation is based on the intro for the game Bad Dudes for the NES.

This couple decided to go with a memeful comic.

Nothing says geek love like binary.

Kevin and Misako went with an invitation based on their Mii characters.



And finally, Darina and Niko decided that a simple geeky paper invite wasn't enough. They came up with an entire playable Mario-esque game as their wedding invitation. You can download and play the game here. Here's the Darina version of the game:

16 Responses to "5 Geeky Wedding Invitations"

Copyboy Says:

I sooo wish I could turn back time now.

Metatron Says:

Hope I can think of something that creative. Hmm...

Evan Says:

hahaha lawl at the second one. Good stuff.

following and supporting.

Bdgorsh Says:

The second one is the best


temptation Says:

great. i love the binary thing :)


great post

Mr. Hate Says:

Nice post! I am getting married soon and Im thinking about making a stop motion video invite! We will see how lame/cool it is when i finally make it! Thanks for following me!

trippinkets Says:

these are really cool, great ideas

Poetry of the Day Says:

forum post isnt in here?
- <3 Famous Poetry about life

Nutcracko Says:

haha those were hilarious!

shadi Says:

i liked the third pic it look$ nice

Sparsame Kühlschränke Says:

Awsome, this is really hilarious, LOL

Primitive Says:

hahaha keep up the good work!

teampl4yer Says:

hahah binary love <3333

Harry Says:

Wow! very nice information i get! Thanks a lot for enjoying this beauty article with me.

Raw Says:

Haha these are cool, I like the binary one.