Free Internet for the World?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

If ahumanright.org has it's way, then free worldwide internet access may not be so far away. The charity plans to buy the world's most capable communication satellite from Terrestar, a communication company that recently filed for bankruptcy.

While a single satellite would not be able to provide Internet access to the entire world, it is a first and huge step in the right direction. ahumanright.org's ultimate goal is to set up a worldwide network that allows everyone to have basic internet access.

You can find out more about this project and donate at buythissatellite.org.

12 Responses to "Free Internet for the World?"

D4 Says:

I see hope in the distance :')

temptation Says:

nice project. but i think a long way to go

zepdragon Says:

Agreeing with temptation. A respectable venture, but still far off. Hope to hear more, Following


Maddaveman Says:

free worldwide internet hmm? Sounds better than paying every month, but bandwidth might be an issue

shadi Says:

At this time the world can not dispense with the Internet

Bdgorsh Says:

That would indeed be a great step to better future, hope the project works out well.

RagingPanda Says:

Sounds like a great project

Neuro Says:

Internet is becoming the latest basic human right


Sounds like a great project , who knows how long it will take

Anon Reader Says:

Admirable idea - surely internet providers will be against this?

Baby Gate Says:

I certainly agree to the idea of this updates. Thanks so much for sharing this here; be back for more info.

Funky Kids Clothes Says:

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