Meet the new Wonder Woman

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Adrianne Palicki has been casted to play the role of Wonder Woman/Diana Prince in the forthcoming reboot of the classic TV show, set to be aired on NBC.

Palicki has appeared in several other television shows, including Friday Night Lights,Supernatural, and Lone Star. She was also in last year’s film, Legion.

15 Responses to "Meet the new Wonder Woman"

Lost.in.Idaho Says:

I won't judge until I see her in the costume.

Or less. Either way.

Benny Lava Says:

+1 ^
Wanna see her in costume

Following and supporting =)

Copyboy Says:

Nice choice. BTW...made you blog of the day.

Les Says:

Reboots, reboots everywhere

Hom Diddly Says:

shes pretty hot! Can't wait to see her in a nice skintight wonderwoman suit!

donga5000 Says:

Apparently the only films being made in the future are superhero films

D.B. Says:

hot! looking foward for the series right now..

Themanwiththegoldeneyeball Says:

Hot as fuck. She can wonder my woman any day. As long as I'm invited.

Tasty Says:

Yeah I remember her from Legion..

Really fucking weird movie if you ask me. The old lady manage to creep me out something major.

ScottD Says:

no thanks

Thatoneguy Says:

I think its a good choice.

Ashton Chase Says:

Definitely a babe, can't wait for the show to start airing.

Julia Says:

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Greenodoreaters.com Says:

She is BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to see the show. I love Comic book heroes!!

Peter Sydney Group Dining Says:

I'm sure Adrianne would make a great Wonder Woman! She's very beautiful and talented! Can't wait to see the movie!

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