Thor Movie Trailer

Friday, February 18, 2011

Here's the trailer for the movie Thor. Set to be released on May 6th.

7 Responses to "Thor Movie Trailer"

D4 Says:

OO OO I wanna see THIS one!!!

Raw Says:

This could be awesome, thanks for the video!

Tasty Says:

meh I think it looks kind of lame :P

most new movies are no good for me.

Neuro Says:

Unbelievably skeptical of this BUT the trailer looks decent

ScottD Says:

looks good.

PS3 Fnatic Says:

I hope it turns out good.

leanmeansteen Says:

cool, i liked that a lot more than the half minute superbowl commercial. i don't think the movie's gonna blow me away but it still looks really fun to watch