Nintendo Mouse

Friday, February 25, 2011

Unfortunately, this is only a model, but we'd love to see this actually made.


8 Responses to "Nintendo Mouse"

ScottD Says:

this would be nice!

Thatoneguy Says:

That would be so awesome.

Hom Diddly Says:

OH man, I hope someone makes this soon. This looks sooo awesome, I would pay a lot for one of these.

Les Says:

Yes, yes, yes.
I would buy 3, if only for the extra 2 side buttons.
Oh wait, there's no wheel?

Body1 Says:

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Ashton Chase Says:

Probably not comfortable, but still awesome retro look.

Maddaveman Says:

I'm absolutely drooling over that, it's so geeked out awesome

Peter Sydney Group Dining Says:

I hope they really make them out for consumers! Would be cool to have one but it doesn't look comfortable with the shape it has. Still very cool!

Sydney Group Dining